The Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer



The CenturionPro Mini is the latest in elite trimming technology. It is the smallest professional trimmer in the world and replaces the equivalent of more than 15 trimming staff. This top-notch wet bud trimming and dry bud trimming tool utilizes a high quality D2 hardened steel blade. It’s a commercial bud trimmer you won’t find anywhere else due to its small size yet high performance level. It even includes a convenient video tutorial that makes this superior marijuana trimmer easy to use. The CenturionPro Mini is a hydroponics trimming machine that provides the industry’s most precise and efficient cutting capability. Using 11 high-quality blades, it packs more than twice the power of competitor products, making it the best bud trimmer on the market. The CenturionPro requires minimal maintenance and cleaning. It’s small with a high productivity level that allows you to maximize your sales.

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Electropolish Dry Tumbler, Electropolish Wet Tumbler, QuanTanium Dry Tumbler, Quantanium Wet Tumbler


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