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Sea Storm Seaweed, Kelp & Humic Blend



Sea Storm Seaweed, Kelp & Humic Blend

Sea Storm is a combination of seaweed from the East coast of Canada, Kelp from the West coast, and Humic acid from Saskatchewan, which makes this a truly Canadian product. This combination of organics will make your plants thrive.

Adding Humic acid to the blend helps to retain the seaweed in your soil for longer periods of time as well as adding to the mineral content.

Soaking seeds with liquid seaweed prior to planting will improve will improve seed germination and early seedling vitality. Root masses will be larger, and seaweed treated roots are more resistant to transplant shock.

Treating the soil with seaweed will promote stronger, disease resistant plants while also helping the soil retain water close to the root system. In the early budding stage, applied seaweed will promote healthier buds.

Fruit, flowers, and crops will develop in greater abundance, with more lush and vibrant results.

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IPP is a Canadian company that is engineering industry leading technology in plant nutrients. We have designed an exceptional feeding program that incorporates our products with your skill to make a winning combination. Only the finest raw materials are used to ensure the highest possible quality in our products. Try them and you will find that we manufacture a product line that is extremely competitive – in price and performance. Why Innovating Plant Products? PerformanceResults you can see, and fast! Rapid growth, healthy plants and heavy yields are guaranteed when you use Innovating Plant Products. Our products are designed with the way you grow in mind. Lush green leaves through the plant’s life cycle, even if coco is your preferred medium. QualityWe use the best quality materials to start with so we can supply you with the best nutrients money can buy. For example, in our Black Storm and Gold Storm we don’t just use whatever leonardite is available at the lowest price, we found the best, fresh-water source in the world and bought the mine. That allows us to control the quality all the way from mother earth to your garden. ConsistencyOur nutrients were developed by some of the best chemists in North America and have been tested and proven by thousands of growers. Our formulas are stable and our nutrients are filtered three times before bottling to insure consistent results and quality AvailabilityWith production facilities in Canada and Europe we are able to guarantee immediate availability of all our products. Production and distribution in Canada and Western Europe means ready availability of all sizes and no shortages of supply. Leak-proof caps and robust bottles insure that our plant nutrients arrive in the same health and condition they left our factory. Return on investmentReasonable prices and spectacular results equal the best value for your money.Feed ChartsVisit us at - www.innovatingplantproducts.com
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