Nurturing Nature Organic Worm Castings


100% Organic

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Nurturing Nature Organic Worm Castings

Nurturing Nature Organic Worm Castings are the odorless,

natural manure of the earthworm

  • Completely non-toxic and safe around children & pets
  • Reconditions and adds essential nutrients

    and beneficial life to the soil

  • Stimulates roots, resulting in

    faster germination

  • Will not ‘shock’ or burn even the

    most delicate plants

  • Provides continuous release and

    long lasting enrichment

  • Increases vegetable yields &


  • Enhances moisture retention and aeration
  • Increases resistance to disease,

    fungus & harmful insects

  • Outperforms most commercial fertilizers

Use to enrich soil for indoor plants, container plants, flowerbeds,

rose gardens, vegetable gardens, bedding plants, trees & shrubs,

or top dressing for existing lawns.

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