Gaia Green High Nitrogen Bat Guano

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Gaia Green High-N. Bat Guano 10-3-1 is the excrement of insect eating bats in Southern USA and Northern Mexico. It is one of the highest sources of non-rendered nitrogen in a form which is both fast acting and slow release. This biologically digested and processed material is rich in natural enzymes which assist soil organisms in nutrient digestion. It is excellent where extra nitrogen is required.


Vegetable & Flower Gardens:

0.5-2kg /10 m² (1-5lbs. /100 ft².)


850kg /ha (750lbs./acre)

Transplanting and Pre-Mixed Soil:

45ml /4L (3tbsp / gal) soil. Once a month or as desired

Top dressing:

15ml / 4L (1tbsp / gal)

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750g, 10Kg


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