Enter Dragon

Product Information: Enter Dragon is a 3rd Generation Foliar Delivery Agent that is designed to deliver your foliar applied sprays with unparalleled efficiency and power. Enter Dragon has been formulated to allow you to deliver all of your foliar products with up to 6 times more efficiency than the leading wetting/delivery agents.

First, Enter Dragon temporarily alters the permeability of the leaf’s waxy layer without damaging the cuticle to allow your foliar applied elements to arrive at the plasma membrane. Enter Dragon utilizes next generation Active Transport Technology that literally pushes and pulls your foliar applied elements through the Plasma Membrane and delivers them directly inside the chloroplasts of your leaves. This method is up to 6 times more effective at delivering your foliar applied elements.

  • Enter Dragon powerfully delivers your foliar applied nutrients and additives with unrivalled efficiency.
  • It allows you to spray with the lights on!
  • Enter Dragon delivers your nutrients directly to the chloroplasts, where they are immediately utilized to full effect.

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