Tuck Tape 60mm x 50m Sheathing Housewrap Tape in Red


Tuck Tape is made of UV resistant poly propylene film and is coated with high shear, high tack solvent based acrylic adhesive. Applications include sealing of joints and seams of housewrap, insulation materials and foam underlayments for laminate flooring. Tape has to be pressed firmly on surface and should be applied on clean, dry surfaces.

  1. High shear adhesive provides aggressive contact.
  1. Strong and durable holding power.
  1. Water and moisture resistant.
  1. Excellent resistance to UV and weathering.
  1. Prevents air infiltration.
  1. CCMC approved

Additional information

Weight0.249476 lbs
Dimensions6.0452 × 6.0452 × 10.795 in


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