Doktor Doom Spidermite Knockout


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1. Always apply in the dark-late at night or early in the morning-never in direct sunlight or with HID lights on (Best used when temperature is under 75ºF/22ºC)

2. Water your Plants before application

3. Be certain to remove any webbing that you see by hand prior to treatment-webs work as an umbrella and prevent sprays from getting through to the Plant

4. Doktor Doom Spider Mite Knockout is equipped with a special spray valve that sprays upside down

5. Spray the underside of the foliage from a distance of 3-4 feet away from the plant

6. Spray with short bursts 1-2 seconds at a time – a light mist is all that is required


7. Dust mask recommended when spraying products in an enclosed environment

8. Insects must be contacted by the spray to be killed

9. Fog area with Doktor Doom Foggers after Spider Mite Knockout application

10. Wash your hands after using any Insecticide products

11. Doktor Doom Spider Mite Knockout is made with Natural Pyrethrin and is safe to use up to One day before Harvest

12. Natural Pyrethrin biologically degrades in a matter of hours after exposure to light, air flow and humidity – NO RESIDUALS

13. Pyrethrin is approved for Organic Gardening Programs (Restricted Uses) Refer to OMRI

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