Botanicare Clearex Salt Leaching Solution


Available in 3 sizes.


Botanicare Clearex is a salt leaching and pre-harvest flushing solution designed to correct and remove the buildup of nutrient salt deposits in soils or soil-less grow media.

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Use Clearex® to correct the most common cause of crop failure – the buildup of nutrient salt deposits in soils or soil-less grow media. High salt concentrations in media can cause the shrinkage and death of plant cells due to the excess draw of water through cell walls, and eventually lead to the irreversible wilting of plant leaves and stems. Periodic flushes with Clearex will remove excess nutrient salts and safely leach them from your crops media.

Botanicare Clearex can also be used at the end of a crop’s growth cycle to trigger the last reproductive stage of the plant forcing it to process and assimilate internally stored nutrients. Pre-harvest treatments with Clearex can enhance flavors and increase yields in fruits, vegetables, and culinary herbs encouraging plants to process these excess nutrients.


  • Prevents irreversible wilting.
  • Isotonic to gently leach salt safely without harming root hairs.
  • Triggers last reproductive stage of plant cycle.
  • Enhances flavour and yields.



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1L, 4L, 10L


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