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Have These Scientists Discovered The Perfect Rooting Medium For Propagating Cuttings?

If you have ever been frustrated with your rooting medium… or… you’ve been forced to make compromises in your garden because of the limitations of your rooting medium… then… you’re going to be thrilled with this new scientific breakthrough.

Here’s why: until now, growers like us were forced to suffer decreased yields with our plants because of the weaknesses of our rooting mediums…

Most mediums are hard to work with — they cost you time and money…

Most rooting media aren’t properly aerated — they choke your plants and deprive them of the oxygen they need to grow…

And most growers suffer from their mediums being “too wet” — leading to disease issues that reduce yields and bud development…

But the scientists at Advanced Nutrients were determined to change all this by embarking on a joint research project with Jiffy to develop the perfect rooting medium…

Introducing Root Shooters!

Root Shooters is the ultimate plant plug rooting medium for indoor hydroponics. It’s made of a peat based media with a proprietary binder holding it together to create the perfect blend of peat to air.

This peat and binder combination helps avoid disease and pH issues you’d normally see with bark based mediums because in wet rooting situations the structural fibers of bark break down and clog out air spaces.

This negatively affects the most important part of your plants – their roots – because you need proper air space for roots to grow quickly and fully in indoor rooting situations.

How This Unique Structure Gets You Superior Rooting Automatically?…

Every grower knows that getting your plants to root faster… and… develop stronger, deeper and bigger root structures… directly translates to faster rooting plants, better quality crops and world-class yields.

Because of the extremely uniform substrate and structure with hundreds of micro air pockets evenly distributed throughout Root Shooters plugs, you easily get extensive fibrous root growth throughout the full depth and volume of the plug.

Plus, this superior structure gives you the ideal water holding capacity, while at the same time, giving you excellent drainage. This means you’ll see easier water management… your rooting medium never gets too wet (which helps avoid diseases and pests)… and greatly helps reduce losses, especially in over-wintered crops.

And because there’s no net around the plug your plant’s roots will grow fully throughout the medium immediately after potting.


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