Advanced Nutrients Grandma Enggy’s Fulvic Acid

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Jealously Guarded Organic Growing Secrets For Enhanced Plant Growth And Better Harvests!

It’s a fact:

If you can stimulate your plants so they absorb more key nutrients…

And feed them exactly what they need to grow more vigorously and be nutrient healthy…

… Then you’ll not only have the most productive growth phase possible, but you’ll set yourself up for the best harvest later on – Guaranteed.

But until now, organic growers were unable to find natural ingredients to achieve these goals…

Scientists Discover Ancient Eastern European Growing Methods

A team of scientists at Advanced Nutrients went looking for the best 100% organic plant potentiating ingredients in the world… and… their search led them into Eastern Europe where they were introduced to Grandma Enggy.

Grandma Enggy is part of a long line of proud organic growers who have used traditional methods for centuries to produce big, luscious, heavy harvests. She’s highly regarded as an expert when it comes to getting amazing organic growing results.

Among the many time-tested growing methods and materials she showed this team of plant scientists and researchers was a plant maximizing element sourced directly from the earth…


Advanced Nutrients

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